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Lviv (Lvov) Photo Gallery -- is a comprehensive archive of pictures and short stories about prominent places of Lviv, the most beautiful city of Ukraine.

Lviv City is officially included to the UNESCO List of World Monuments of Architecture.

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Lviv (other spellings: L'viv, Lvov, Lwiw, Lwow, Lemberg) is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine, the real pearl of European architecture.

Its architectural landscape joins the monuments of numerous styles and different epochs. From the gothic XIV century Latin Cathedral to the baroque of St. George (Sviatoho Yura) Cathedral. Renaissance-style Bernardine Monastery and Chapel of Boimes coexist with the strict simplicity of Armenian Church.

Lviv city has a rich and impressive history. Numerous historical events are concerned with the city.

The walls of old Lviv buildings still keep the spirit of past centuries. Cozy streets and fascinating monuments make it a unique tourist attraction among the Ukrainian and Eastern European cities.

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Pictures and photos available here are made by different people and were kindly donated to our Photo Gallery by their authors. All images are of copyright of their prospective owners. Copying or reproduction allowed only under written permission of their authors. You may also submit your own pictures here.

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