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Submitting Pictures to UA Zone Photo Galleries.

Here are some brief answers on the Frequently Asked Questions on submitting your own pictures to the UA Zone Photo Galleries of Ukraine.

Q.: Can I see my own pictures in your Gallery?
A.: Of cause you may submit your own pictures here.

Q.: How can I submit my pictures?
A.: We prefer to receive them in electronic form, i.e. already scanned, by e-mail. Please send us each picture in the new e-mail message. Send them to the following e-mail address: info@uazone.net Each picture should not exceed 3MB in size.

Q.: What image formats do you accept?
A.: We can accept your image in virtually any existing image format including but not limited with BMP, TIFF, PCD, PSD, BMP, PCX etc... But in general we prefer receiving your images in JPEG format as it is more convenient for the photographic images.

Q.: What should be the scanned image size?
A.: To make high quality web image we need your image to be at least 800x600 pixels. Remember however that image will be reduced to the standard 600x400 size.

Q.: I do not have a scanner. Can I still submit my pictures?
A.: We understand that not everybody has a scanner or can get his (her) pictures scanned in any other way. In such a case you may send us just the 9x12 or 10x15cm prints onto the following address.

    For: Oleg Baranovsky.
    apt. 16, 27 Enthusiastiv str.
    Kyiv 253147.

Q.: What other information should I provide with my image?
A.: In order to proceed with your image we shall need the following information from you:

  • Your full name;
  • your e-mail address (it will not be published if you'll explicitly express your wishto remain private);
  • City where the image was taken;
  • brief description of the image;
  • You should express also you willingness to pass to the UA Zone Group the nonexclusive right to use your image for our Photo Gallery.

Q.: Who's holding the image copyright?
A.: You will still hold the copyright for your image. Please note although that by donating your image to the UA Zone Photo Gallery you grant to the UA Zone Project (or it's successors) all the rights to use your image for all our projects (including publishing it on our web site).

Please remember that we reserve the right to select the pictures submitted for our Gallery and to perform the prepublishing processing of your image according to our internal standard.

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