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Crimean Mountains Photo Gallery. Pictures from hiking tour 1998.

Angarsky Pass - Demerdzhy - Khapkhal Gorge - Tower Cape - Sudak - Novyj Svet.

Below are some pictures form our last trip to Crimea: Apr 29 - May 11, 1998.

We came to Simpheropol and moved to Angarsky pass by trolleybus. Started from the "MAN" valley, we came through Nothern Demergy, Haphal Gorge, Karabi Yayla, Bashenny ("Tower") Cape and reached Morskoe village from where we moved to the city Sudak by bus. From Sudak we made several trips to Novy Svet city and returned back to Kiev.

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This project is nothing more than just an illustrated history of our travels in the mountains of Ukraine with the photographs some of us have made. You can read about me and other authors of these pages here.

This project will grow continuously as we will make new travels and bring new fresh pictures. Probably it will have pictures and stories not about only Ukraine but other other countries we are planning to visit.

With this project we wanted to share with you our excitement, our admiration of Mother Nature and our enthusiasm. So, we hope this Gallery will inspire you for your own travels and your own stories we shall be really glad to read.

If you have your own pictures and your own travel stories -- just write us. We would be very glad to read your stories and see your pictures. The best ones will become the part of these Galleries!

Pictures and photos available here are made by different people and were kindly donated to our Photo Gallery by their authors. All images are of copyright of their respective owners. Copying or reproduction allowed only under written permission of their authors. You may also submit your own pictures here.

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